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About the Forestry Foundation

The Irish Natural Forestry Foundation was founded by Ian Wright in 2002. Forest policy in Ireland was promoting unsustainable practices. An aggressive afforestation programme set a target of covering 17% of the country in trees by 2035. The policy for how this was to achieved was set out in a government document called Growing for the Future (1996). The focus on planting large monocultures of non–native sitka spruce designed for clearfell has led to a range of environmental and social failing of the forest policy in Ireland. The role of INFF, when founded, was to campaign for a robust, inclusive sustainable forestry programme.  We campaign for mixed species broadleaf forests, cognisant of the need for a commercial return, while protecting biodiversity.

The organisation has grown in the years since 2002 and under the direction of CEO, Cillian Lohan the INFF has established itself as a one of Ireland’s most active and influential NGOs.

Read more about the establishment of the INFF and the lessons learned along the way here.

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